The world's first Toyota Rav4 2006-20xx ATC/DTC Locker will be launched soon

The world's first RAV4 2006-20XX Differential Lock will be launched soon


After the launch of RAV4 1996-2005 Differential lock in 2020, the owners of RAV4 models from 2006 to 20XX strongly appeal for the development of differential lock suitable for their models. Our company does not live up to expectations, and in order to create the strongest trafficability RAV4 rear axle, our engineers have undergone many times of design and modification, finally, after 4 months’ effort, the new RAV4 differential lock can be loaded and tested.


This solution completely solves the problem that SUV can't be equipped with differential lock, and it is expected that the product will be available on the market in April.


Before the loading test, we manually simulated the state of the car stuck in the mire: without the differential lock on, the unilateral wheel can’t rotate, with the differential lock on, the tire can release itself with force. After the theory can be realized, then we will start the loading test.


Specific loading test video can be checked on Yotube:


Due to the limited quantity when it is on sale around April, this differential lock will be open for pre-sale now: as long as you pay $100, you can immediately book a differential lock belonging to you!


Booking link:

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